As a full service PCB solutions provider, APCT is pleased to offer our continued support from quick turn NPI orders built domestically to full scale production runs built by our partners offshore. Through this model, APCT can continue to offer our trusted, single point of contact customer service representative and our engineering expertise, while substantially lowering your cost. The advantages of the model are founded on 4 principles:

  • Ease of Use
  • Seamless Recipe Transfer
  • Inventory Management
  • Risk Mitigation

Advantage 1: Ease of Use

When contemplating an offshore order, all of your contact personnel remain the same. There will be no change to your current outside sales rep; the current inside customer service rep and the engineering & technical support team you have come to know. APCT will interact with our offshore partners on your behalf, coordinating price, delivery schedules, inspection of the product per your acceptance criteria and warehousing. This advantage saves you the time and overhead cost associated with managing your business!

Advantage 2: Seamless Recipe Transfer

At APCT, the core competency of the company is detailed engineering support enabling superior execution.  To that end, we take the time to hone your design and confirm that the board is the most reliable and the most robust to manufacture, thus, the most cost effective. That effort is not lost when placing an order with APCT Global. After full review, our staff will work directly with our supplier’s engineering team. We will utilize our integrated Valor Genesis System to transfer the product recipe and eliminate any potential change in customer specifications or expectations. You can be assured that the confidence you received after reviewing the NPI build will be transferred to the production build.

Advantage 3: Inventory Management

APCT Global uses a system ensuring that off-shore deliveries ship back to our domestic facilities for compliance reviews. Each date code sample lot is inspected at our domestic manufacturing location, even in the case of a drop shipment.  After review, the boards are then certified that they have met both APCT standards and the precise customer specifications. APCT offers strategic warehousing in California, Connecticut, Texas and Hong Kong that many customers utilize to mitigate any shortages or concerns on a monthly / quarterly basis.  Again, APCT saves customers time and overhead cost associated with managing your off-shore supply chain!

Advantage 4: Risk Mitigation

The words that drive the biggest fear into both supplier and customer are “Line Down!” APCT Global understands that fear and works diligently every day with Passion, Commitment and Trust to give our customers complete satisfaction. Because APCT is a brick & mortar company and not a broker, should any major disruption in the supply chain occur, APCT will manufacture the product domestically and ship the product as quickly as possible to you until our off-shore supplier is back on line.

In Summary:

Who better to manage your Offshore Programs than PCB experts? APCT Global offers complete custom program management solutions.  Every customer has unique and specific needs.  We build solutions that fit those needs.  APCT has the resources domestically and abroad to offer peace of mind from initial NPI builds to full scale production.  Let us eliminate all the headaches, delays and logistic challenges that come with managing global procurement. Give us the opportunity to build you a solution.

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