HDI Fabrication CaryExperienced and high-quality HDI fabrication for your Cary area business is better than ever before when your partner with APCT. As a proud early adopter of this promising new technology, APCT is one of the most experienced high density interconnect fabrication partners in the industry. We’re very familiar with the unique challenges HDI manufacturing and construction bring, and our advanced facilities – one of the industry’s best – allow us to create high-quality products of incredible reliability and performance capability.

The High Density Interconnect Fabrication Partner You Need

We’ve found that our best high density interconnect fabrication results come from pairing our friendly engineering team with your own internal designers. From this early state, the experienced eye of the APCT team will review and thoroughly assess your Cary tech business’s HDI design, to ensure it’s at its absolute best in efficiency, cost-effectiveness, performance and reliability before fabrication. Once this design is finalized, you can trust our experienced and talented floor technicians and engineers to use our advanced facilities and state of the art equipment to create a high-quality, high-reliability product quickly: thanks to our dedication to continuously improving our capabilities, we can support HDI technology boards in 3-5 day turnarounds.

When your Cary business needs an HDI fabrication partner that cares as much about your project as you do, you need APCT. Call us at (203) 284-1215, or use our online form to ask us any questions you may have at any time. Work with a manufacturing partner that can give you the customer service your business deserves and a product you can rely on. Experience the APCT difference today.