HDI Fabrication GardenaAPCT is pleased to announce that we’re providing our industry-leading HDI fabrication services to businesses in the Gardena area. An industry leader in high density interconnect board fabrication, we provide high-quality, high-reliability HDI boards to our clients with lightning fast turnarounds and a strong customer support network that always puts you first.

Built on a Foundation of Passion, Commitment, and Trust

High density interconnect fabrication is becoming increasingly more prevalent in the tech-sector, particularly as consumer demands and product capabilities grow exponentially. Here at APCT, we pride ourselves on having a great deal of experience in HDI fabrication, so you can trust your Gardena business’s project is in capable hands. Our advanced facilities, constantly reviewed and improved to ensure we’re providing optimum cost-effectiveness and manufacturing quality for our clients, have given us amazingly fast standard cycle lead times. In fact, our fast cycle times allow us to create Via in Pad technology in 48-72 hours and complete HDI technology PCB projects for our clients in just three to five days.  Combine this technical excellence with a passionate, talented staff fully dedicated to your success, and you have a truly strong fabrication partnership that can deliver the best in quality and customer service. With a talented, passionate staff ready to go above and beyond for your project, you’ll get incredible support for every project, every time.

Your Gardena business deserves nothing less than the best in HDI fabrication services, and the APCT team is here to deliver. Partner with us at APCT today by using our online contact form to ask us any questions, or call (408) 727-6442 to speak with a representative.