As an industry leader in providing quickly-fabricated HDI PCB designs to Palo Alto and other Silicon Valley businesses, APCT offers high-quality products at expedited lead and cycle times. While the industry standard lead time is three weeks and more, we can offer a lead time of as little as 10 days. Cycle time for HDI-specific design can come in at 3-5 days. This allows for fast rigid printed circuit board production without loss of quality, something we’ve been able to achieve through years of experience and a company culture of continuous improvement.

Our success in the highly competitive world of technology comes from a simple philosophy: Passion, Commitment, and Dedication. In order to stay ahead of the curve and consistently put out better and better products, we find that maintaining Passion for what we do is a necessity. Passion allows for determination and innovation, resulting in more streamlined procedures and products that can offer more in less space. With new generations of mobile technology coming every year, providing HDI manufacturing that can keep up to Palo Alto production facilities is more important than ever. Timelines matter, and that’s why our Commitment to “Best In Class” service leads us to employ a Design For Manufacturability approach. Our DFM Engineers will work with you from the very beginning of your project, acting as a partner in creating your PCB design and offering insight into specifications and materials that will work best for your needs. This results in fast rigid printed circuit board turnaround, which allows us to continue our Dedication to reliable delivery times throughout Silicon Valley.

Whether you need standard PCBs for a large production run overseas or a low-volume developmental order locally in order to design the next generation, we’ll get you exactly what you need thanks to our Santa Clara factory and overseas partners. For quality HDI designs delivered to Palo Alto and beyond, contact one of our DFM Engineers today to get started.