Looking for a manufacturer of high-performance HDI PCBs near Saratoga? You’ve come to the right place. Not only does APCT, Inc. create fast rigid printed circuit board designs, we’re an industry leader in cycle times for HDI-specific designs, offering them in as little as 3-5 days. We offer a full range of materials and specifications to meet your complex technology PCB needs, and you’ll work closely with one of our Design For Manufacturability Engineers to ensure your design meets your exact requirements before it ever goes to production. It’s all part of our Passion, Commitment, and Dedication to providing world-class products and service.

In our industry, you must move quickly to keep up with the demands for better and faster technology. It’s our deep Passion for what we do that allows us to maintain an attitude of continuous improvement in order to keep up with the demand. As mobile and 4G tech demands more processing power in less space, we must in turn modify our designs to provide the same level of functionality in less area. These high-quality HDI designs must reach Saratoga and other Silicon Valley production facilities quickly so they can meet their own timelines, and that’s where our Commitment to “Best In Class” service and Dedication to reliable delivery comes in. We appreciate that you don’t just need functional PCBs, you need them quickly. A fast rigid printed circuit board production schedule might be necessary for your success, and we take every step to make it happen. Through using a DFM approach, we reduce hiccups and time-consuming mistakes on the production line, meaning we can turn out a more consistent product quicker. Which means it reaches your door quicker.

Whether you require a high-volume standard PCB order or a low-volume HDI developmental order delivered to your Saratoga facility, we’re here to help. Reach out to one of our DFM Engineers today to get started.