You have a number of options for a high density interconnect PCB suppliers near Emeryville due to the proximity to Silicon Valley. However, not all suppliers can promise the level of dedication and reliability you’ll find with APCT We’re an industry-leading sequential lamination manufacturer, specializing in rigid printed circuit boards. We offer some of the fastest fabrication and turnaround times available — 10 day standard lead times and 2-5 day cycle times for HDI specific designs, depending on the requested number of lamination cycles.

At our factory in Santa Clara, we work hard to maintain a “Best In Class” service ethic, both because it’s good business and because it’s our personal philosophy. Being passionate about what we do inspires innovation and good work, and that’s why we’ve made it an integral part of our culture. High density interconnect PCBs are at the cutting edge of technology, which is what proactive tech companies in Emeryville need to support their latest designs. Our fabrication procedure for sequential lamination on HDI designs is highly customizable — we offer options for standard, advanced, and developmental orders. In addition to the number of sequenced layers on your PCB, you can also select the material, through-hole variance, and more. Because HDI PCBs improves the functionality of the circuit board while using less space, it’s ideal for touch screen or mobile computing technology. Silicon Valley is rife with companies creating the next generation of smart phones, tablets, and more, so it’s vital to find a partner that can provide the innovative materials you need.

Since we’re located in the heart of Silicon Valley, we can quickly provide low or high volume orders of high density interconnect PCBs to Emeryville. Whatever your needs, please contact one of our Design for Manufacturability Engineers (DFM) today to get started!