For superior high density interconnect technology available to the San Jose area, you need look no further than the neighboring city. Our factory is located right here in Santa Clara, ready to provide the entire Silicon Valley area and beyond with fast, high-performance PCBs in record times. We’re industry leaders in cycle times with a 2-5 day average on HDI specific designs, and we’re also a leading sequential lamination manufacturer. Whether you’re seeking a new bulk supplier or are an independent engineer, you’ve found a partner in us.

At APCT, we are proudly dedicated to the continual improvement of our process, products, and service. We understand that our clientele are looking for a reliable partner who can provide the high density interconnect technology they need for their San Jose business or engineering work, and when they choose to work with us, we recognize it as a privilege. It’s why our team works so hard to provide the best support possible and our company is constantly striving to stay on the cutting edge of HDI PCB technology. As one of the fastest growing areas of PCB development, staying at the forefront of high density interconnect designs is imperative in order to keep up with the constant evolution of computing devices, from slim tablets to 4G smartphones. With laser microvias and thin materials, these PCBs are always improving, and we are constantly staying ahead of the curve for our clients.

The tech industry of San Jose is filled with innovative new projects that demand quality components, and we’re here to provide them. Please contact one of our Project Engineers today to discuss your needs and how we can meet them!