An industry leader in high density interconnect designs is right here in Santa Clara. At APCT, we’re not only dedicated to the continual improvement of our rigid PCB designs, we also provide some of the fastest available lead and cycle times. For HDI specific designs, you can expect 3-5 day cycle times, and our standard lead time is 10 days. We offer an array of PCBs with cutting-edge features, including 50-75 micron spacing and sequential lamination. When you work with us, you receive the best in engineering support and service because we won’t accept anything less.

As technology advances and our dependence on mobile computing devices increases, so does the necessity for high density interconnect technology that can keep up. Tech companies located in Santa Clara, Silicon Valley, and the surrounding areas require PCBs that meet their high-performance computing needs while remaining compact enough to function with slim touch screen devices and mobile phones. HDI technology is ideal for these types of consumer needs. We are more than happy to supply any of our neighboring companies with the PCBs they need, but we are so much more than a simple supplier. We insist on keeping ahead of the curve and building a relationship of trust and support with our customers. You should always expect the best from us, and we’ll accept nothing less from ourselves.

Our Santa Clara factory produces high density interconnect PCB designs in record time, and we invite you to experience our team’s expertise today. Please contact one of our Project Engineers to get started!