Finding a qualified high density interconnect PCB supplier near Sunnyvale isn’t exactly a challenge given its proximity to Silicon Valley. However, finding a reliable partner that delivers a quality product in a timely manner can be more difficult. At APCT, we take pride on creating an environment of continuous improvement, “Best In Class” service, and superior turnaround times. Our cycle times for HDI specific designs average 2-5 days, which means you’ll get your order quickly and can always rely on a consistent product. If you’re looking for a sequential lamination manufacturer creating PCBs for production and development, we’re an ideal option.

High density interconnect rigid PCBs are used by a number of Sunnyvale area businesses that are manufacturing or designing computing technology. HDI technology offers the same or better functionality of a standard PCB while utilizing less area, which makes it ideal for touch screen, tablet, and 4G mobile devices. As this tech continues to improve with slimmer cases and more sophisticated computing ability, the necessity of a high-powered and reliable printed circuit board is a must. Our specialty is rigid PCBs, and we offer a wide range of materials and specifications for standard, advanced, and developmental designs. Whether you’re producing large quantities of your latest device or designing the next generation of smart phone, we’ll provide you with a solution that fits your needs. Our team can accommodate both low and high volume orders, offering fast turnaround and reliable quality. Since our factory is located in Santa Clara, we’re ideally located to provide production material to any facility in Silicon Valley, the Bay Area, and beyond.

When you need an efficient and dependable high density interconnect manufacturer to be a partner to your Sunnyvale area business, you can rely on our team to exemplify our high standards every step of the way. For more information or to discuss your current needs, please contact one of our Design for Manufacturability Engineers (DFM) today.