APCT realizes that the success of serving its “outside customers” comes from a culture that has been created to serve their “inside customers!” An environment of teamwork, of helping each other over and above the minimums of punching in and out, is absolutely necessary to achieve the next level. We pride ourselves in living out the 3 principles of our company on a daily basis: Passion, Commitment and Trust. We affirm it in our Mission Statement:

“These 3 principles shall be embraced by all who work here. It is with unwavering determination that we hold each other accountable in our daily pursuit of. . . PASSION to provide ultimate customer satisfaction; COMMITMENT to service & execute with high reliability; TRUST to be earned by our actions.”

If you are a person of high integrity and innovative mind; if you are a person born to serve others; and if you are a person that can embrace our core values, then you may be a great match for our team! Please contact us about one of the opportunities on this page.

APCT Santa Clara, CA


  • Drilling Technician | Shift 3
  • Dry Film Technician | Shift 2
  • Fabrication Technician | Shift 1 & 3
  • Inspecta / Drilling Department | Shift 1
  • Plating Technician | Shift 2 & 3
  • Soldermask Technician | Shift 3
  • Via Fill Technician | Shift 2


  • Inside Sales Manager
  • Outside Sales / Account Manager

For these and additional openings in Santa Clara, please contact Resumes.SC@APCTinc.com

APCT Orange County, CA


  • Receptionist, Customer Service | Shift 1

For these and additional openings in Orange, please contact Resumes.OC@APCTinc.com

APCT Anaheim, CA


  • CAM Operator | Shift 2
  • Planner | Shift 1 & 2

For these and additional openings in Orange, please contact Resumes.AH@APCTinc.com

APCT Wallingford, CT


  • Cam Operator | Shift 2
  • Drill Technician | Shift 3
  • Imaging Technician | Shift 3
  • Planner | Shift 2
  • Soldermask Technician | Shift 1, 2 & 3
  • Via Fill Technician | Shift 1 & 2


  • AOI Inspector | Shift 2
  • Microsection Lab Tech | Shift 1 & 2

APCT Global, Wallingford CT


For these and additional openings in Wallingford, please contact Resumes.WF@APCTinc.com

APCT Global, Austin TX


For these and additional openings in Austin, please contact Resumes.WF@APCTinc.com