You’ve already approved a prototype printed circuit board, and you’re ready to place a large order of circuit boards. Where can your business find a high volume PCB manufacturer that is also dependable and produces high-quality product?

We understand that fabrication is an important part of your business’s bottom line.

If production is stalled, it delays assembly, which can mean missing deadlines and sales. However, if production is rushed and not thoroughly monitored, it’s possible that an overseas high volume PCB manufacturer can make a mistake in design or produce inferior product. How can your business ensure you receive high quality PCB on time?

APCT Global is the solutions provider that assists businesses in placing a large order of circuit boards with vetted offshore suppliers. For years our customers have relied on us for the best customer service in the industry. You can rely on this dedication to our customers as we manage your overseas production. This includes handling all coordination with the manufacturer, transferring the PCB design seamlessly, staying abreast of production, and sending every offshore batch to our domestic facility for quality assurance. If anything goes amiss during manufacturing, our domestic facilities can take over production. Your business gets the economic advantage of overseas manufacturing with the reliability and strength of a domestic manufacturer. We provide the PCB expertise, knowledge of production, and stability of an $85 million dollar company’s buying power.

With APCT Global, we are able to manage your business’s printed circuit board production from the prototype stage to full scale manufacturing. By relying on APCT, you save your business valuable resources, such as time, money, and personnel, while relying on stable and reliable domestic manufacturer. Enjoy an economic advantage and relief from global procurement coordination when you work with us for your large order of circuit boards. Experience the APCT difference today!