Are you ready for large scale PCB production? APCT has built a reputation for years in Silicon Valley and beyond as the circuit board manufacturer to trust for fast, high-quality circuit board prototype. Before when customers wanted to extend their order to full scale production, we had to turn them away. We only had capacity for NPI builds.

Now, we are pleased to announce APCT Global, a new way we can “Say Yes!” for our customers.

Customers have grown accustomed to the high quality product and world-class customer service that APCT offers. But where can they get the same service with large scale PCB production? Now customers can rely on us for managing their printed circuit board from prototype to large orders. It all starts when we build the prototype at our domestic facilities. Our DFM engineers review each PCB design to ensure it is robust to manufacture, and our experienced fabrication team ensures your printed circuit board is high quality. Once you’ve received and approved the NPI build and you want a production batch, we can assist you in placing an order with an overseas circuit board manufacturer. You’ll work with the same APCT team as always, and we will handle complete coordination, PCB design transfer, production updates, and quality control of your offshore order. Our global management program saves your business the personnel, time, and hassle of dealing with logistical challenges on a different continent. Your business gets low cost high quality PCB without the headache!

APCT Global allows your business to enjoy the economic benefit of large scale PCB production while gaining savings opportunities of time, money & personnel; expertise of manufacturing, DFM and engineering; and the strength & stability of an $85 million company leveraging buying power for its customers. When you need a full scale production batch of printed circuit boards, trust the expertise of the skilled team that fabricated your prototype build. We work closely with vetted Asian suppliers to ensure your product is high quality and delivered on time. Who better to manage your Offshore Programs than PCB experts!