Largest PCB Manufacturers Laguna Hills | Close Up Circuit Board

As one of the largest PCB manufacturers serving Laguna Hills, CA companies, APCT is proud to provide comprehensive technical support, fast lead times, and quality product to our Orange County customers. The best circuit boards are created by a team that closely reviews the PCB design, monitors production, and quality tests every batch. That’s exactly what you get with APCT!

You don’t have to pick the largest PCB manufacturers for your Laguna Hills, CA business to ensure quality and a smooth production experience, but with APCT you get it all. While having the capacity to complete projects and dedication to upgrading equipment regularly is important for quality production and meeting customers’ needs, it is also essential to work with a manufacturer that can offer you technical expertise. While some manufacturers pass your design right through to production without looking at it, at APCT we have our talented DFM engineers review every recipe before fabrication. This helps ensure the design is robust to manufacture and flaws are fixed before production, saving your business the possible time, hassle, and cost of reprinting the prototype. This design review helps you get the best circuit boards!

If you are looking for the largest PCB manufacturers near Laguna Hills, CA, you should know that APCT has two production facilities in Orange County. We pride ourselves on offering Southern California customers fast lead times and enhanced regional support. With four production facilities, over 450 employees, and over 180,000 square feet of production space in the United States, we have the capacity to create your next NPI build. Once the prototype is approved, we can even connect you with low-cost boards made outside the U.S. through our electronics supply chain management service. APCT Global mitigates the risk of foreign manufacturing while providing your business with the price advantage! Enjoy PCBs fabricated beyond U.S. borders with the security of knowing that if production stalled or halted at any time, APCT’s domestic manufacturing sites would finish your order. Contact APCT to handle your printed circuit boards from cradle to grave.