APCT has 2 locations, one on the west coast “APCT- Santa Clara”, the other on the east coast “APCT- Wallingford”.

APCT – Santa Clara, CA

APCT – Santa Clara is in the heart of the Silicon Valley. Bought by President / CEO, Steve Robinson, in 2008, APCT has much older roots.  Steve has been in the PCB industry since 1971 and his mentor throughout his early days was his father, Ralph Robinson.  Ralph was one of the founders of the printed circuit board industry; in fact he built one of the first multi-layer boards in The Valley.  Ralph not only gave Steve his first job in the market, but taught him critical fundamental values that Steve still uses today.  From the start, his father instilled in Steve that employees must have a Passion for their work in order to earn a positive reputation and Trust from their customers. But that trust does not happen overnight.  There must be a culture of teamwork to help one another because eventually, the team must be committed to bring ultimate satisfaction to the customer.  A generation later, Steve leads APCT, teaching and nurturing his team under the 3 pillars learned from his father: Passion, Commitment and Trust.  It’s our people that make the difference.  It’s not what we do, but who we are.

The business model calls out to say “YES” to our customer’s needs in technology and lead time.  It’s an aggressive stance at the very least, however, 9 straight years of double digit growth confirms that Steve’s instincts are correct.  Yes it helps to have the support of state of the art equipment and the like; but it’s the people and how to treat them that make the difference.  Lessons learned from his father.

APCT – Wallingford, CT

In April of 2016, APCT acquired the Wallingford Connecticut based company, Tech Circuits, Inc.

Tech Circuits had been manufacturing rigid printed circuit boards since 1979.  Their outstanding management team and employees had built a solid reputation in our industry. But it wasn’t just the synergy of both companies manufacturing a like product mix that made the acquisition attractive, it was the realization that the Tech employees had spent their days working from the same pillars suggested by Ralph Robinson 50 years ago!

Because of the positive attitudes of both companies, integration has been quite smooth.  The vision for the company has now been realized with the acquisition.  APCT – Wallingford not only brings regional support, but it brings enhanced capacity to our entire customer base.  Our new and growing team is in perfect position to continue to say “YES” to more technical support and consistent world class lead times.