Does low cost high quality printed circuit board sound like an oxymoron? It’s not! It may sound impossible to find high quality printed circuit board amongst unreliable offshore suppliers, but there is a way to balance your company’s economic needs while ensuring you receive top-notch product.

Meet APCT Global: Your New Partner

We are pleased to introduce APCT Global, your business solution for low cost high quality printed circuit board. First, our domestic team works with you to create an NPI build that is perfect. Our DFM engineers review the design, you approve the final prototype made in our domestic manufacturing facilities, and your business decides to move forward with a large product order. At this point, many companies struggle. Overseas production has a large economic benefit, but how can ensure quality and delivery? That’s where APCT Global comes in.

Our team will place an order for your high quality printed circuit board with one of our vetted Asian suppliers. We have inspected these manufacturers’ facilities, business structure, and product to ensure it meets our customers’ high standards. Each PCB recipe is transferred using our patented Valor Genesis system to ensure the design is exactly reproduced. The final product you approved during the NPI build will be what is manufactured overseas. Should any problem or delay arise during the overseas production, APCT will build the product domestically, shipping as quickly as possible at no additional charge. Lastly, our domestic team quality tests every batch of offshore PCB before sending it to your business. While offshore production cuts costs, using APCT Global as your solutions provider will eliminate the logistical challenges, delays, and headaches of global procurement. Your company will get the benefit of low cost high quality printed circuit board along with the reliability, strength, PCB expertise, and purchasing power of APCT. There’s no better choice to run your company’s Offshore Programs!