Low Cost Offshore PCB BeavertonHas your technology business considered low cost offshore PCB in Beaverton but been disappointed by the logistics of working with an overseas manufacturer? Two of the main concerns with offshore production is large order minimums and the risk of production stalling. What if there was a way to mitigate these issues while retaining the peace of mind of working with a domestic supplier? Now there is! APCT, after thorough consideration, has partnered with four offshore manufacturers in Northern China, Southern China, Taiwan, and Japan. Our new PCB Global Management program offers the benefit of low priced printed circuit boards along with inventory management and risk mitigation.

Experience the APCT Difference

One of the drawbacks that keeps many businesses ordering low cost offshore PCB in Beaverton and other cities is large order requirements. Not only do large orders tie up your precious business capital, after you receive the order you have to store it. This influx of inventory is costly. Through our Global program, customers can now take advantage of inventory management. When you order offshore printed circuit boards, our warehouse can keep your product (after it has been inspected by our team) and set up monthly or quarterly drop shipments to your business. This way you receive a steady stream of inventory as needed without having to keep large amounts of PCB on site. We charge you for the product as it’s shipped to you. Free up your working capital with our inventory management.

Another concern with relying on low cost offshore PCB for your Beaverton tech company is halted production. Everyone’s worst fear when ordering from Asia is hearing that the line has stopped for some unforeseen reason. However, with APCT you get the backup of a domestic manufacturer who can take on your order! If there’s any issue with our offshore manufacturing partners, we will take over production of your printed circuit boards at our domestic factories. With APCT as your connection to low cost offshore PCB in Beaverton, you can rely on cheaply priced product with the comfort of inventory management and risk mitigation. Start you order now by dialing (203) 284-1215.