Low Cost Offshore PCB Orange CAAre you looking for a reliable source for low cost offshore PCB in Orange CA? APCT is a trusted domestic manufacturer of printed circuit boards. We are proud to offer extremely fast advanced technology and HDI small batch builds. With our new PCB Global Management Program, we are now able to offer low cost and large batch offshore printed circuit boards to our valued customers. By working with APCT, you receive the cost benefits of overseas suppliers with the security of a domestic manufacturer!

Offshore Printed Circuit Boards You Can Count On

It can be hard to track down overseas suppliers and coordinate with people across the world. When contemplating an offshore order with APCT, all of your contact personnel remain the same. We offer ease of use for our Global customers. This means that there is no change to your current outside sales rep; you still have contact with the outstanding customer service and technical support we’re known for. Our team handles all logistics for your low cost offshore PCB in Orange CA, from coordinating price, delivery schedules, and quality inspection of the product. APCT makes it easy to reap the benefits of low priced offshore printed circuit boards without the usual hassles!

Our ease of use covers everything, including making sure your low cost offshore PCB is built to your Orange CA company’s standards. When you send us the original design, our talented DFM engineers review the plan to make sure it is designed for robust performance and cost effective to manufacture. Once you’ve approved the design, we seamlessly transfer the recipe using our integrated Valor Genesis System. This ensures that the exact specifications are followed by our Asian manufacturing partners. We work with the overseas engineering team to make sure production goes smoothly. Once the order is complete, every batch of offshore PCBs is sent to our domestic facility for quality testing. Get the high quality and low cost printed circuit boards your business needs by calling (203) 284-1215.