Low Cost Offshore PCB Scottsdale AZWhen you need low cost offshore PCB in Scottsdale AZ, you only need to make one phone call. APCT, a domestic printed circuit boards manufacturer, is your best source for low cost offshore PCB. After thorough review of their business and production facilities, we have partnered with four overseas suppliers in Northern China, Southern China, Taiwan, and Japan that share our passion for high quality PCB. Each Asian manufacturer has different strengths, whether working with more advanced technology and HDI boards, or the ability to meet tight deadlines. Depending on your needs, we choose the right manufacturer for your order and handle all coordination with the offshore supplier. With our new Global Management program, your technology business can reap the benefits of low cost production with the ease of working with a domestic manufacturer!

Count On APCT

One of the concerns with ordering offshore product is finding the right printed circuit boards manufacturer and communicating with a supplier halfway around the world. It can be hard to know who to work with, coordinate with them, and keep updated on production. With APCT, you have total ease of use when you order low cost offshore PCB for you Scottsdale AZ business. You will communicate with the same inside sales representative you’ve always had, and we will handle the rest. Our team will handle all logistics with the offshore manufacturer, including transferring the recipe, checking in on progress, and delivery. APCT’s Global program offers total ease of use for your business.

In addition to ease of use, we also ensure that you receive high quality product. We have picked our manufacturing partners based on the quality of their work and their commitment to providing high performance boards. Our DFM engineers utilize our integrated Valor Genesis System to transfer the product recipe to the offshore supplier, which ensures that exact specifications of the design are transferred precisely. Once the order is completed, we quality test every batch of low cost offshore PCB before sending it to you in Scottsdale AZ. Call (203) 284-1215 or fill out our convenient online form to learn more.