Low Cost Offshore PCB TemeculaIs your business considering low cost offshore PCB in Temecula, but you are worried about the potential issues of overseas manufacturing? Offshore production has many stereotypical problems, including the problem of communicating with a vendor halfway across the world and receiving a product that is different or lower quality than you expected. Anyone who has ordered a product online only to receive a slightly different and cheaper made version can attest to the issues with overseas production. APCT is proud to offer our valued customers a solution through of PCB Global Management Program.

Your Source for Printed Circuit Boards

Through PCB Global, we offer our clients total ease of use. We handle all communication with our manufacturing partners about your tech company’s printed circuit boards. We have four suppliers:

  • Northern China
  • Southern China
  • Taiwan
  • Japan

Depending on your recipe, timeline, and business needs, we will work with one of the suppliers on your order. APCT coordinates everything from price to delivery time, while you will talk to the same APCT sales representative and customer service team you’ve always had. We make ordering low cost offshore PCB in Temecula easy, from our convenient online form to providing outstanding domestic customer service and technical support.

In addition to managing coordination, we also guarantee a high quality product. Our core competency is DFM expertise. Our engineers will review your design to confirm the board is cost effective to manufacture and will be reliable. Once it is reviewed and you have approved the NPI build, the recipe is seamlessly transferred to our manufacturing partners, ensuring the exact specifications are kept. When the order is completed, every batch of overseas printed circuit boards is quality tested by our domestic facility before it is sent to you. For high quality, low cost offshore PCB for your Temecula business, call (203) 284-1215 or contact us online.