Low Cost Offshore PCB WestminsterWhere can you find low cost offshore PCB in Westminster without the typical hassles? APCT is a printed circuit boards manufacturer who can help your California business reap the benefits of low cost PCB without the usual concerns of overseas production. While inferior product and large order minimums can be a concern with offshore manufacturing, APCT offers PCB Global Management that brings high quality PCB and inventory management to you.

Your Printed Circuit Boards Manufacturer

One of the biggest concerns with ordering low cost offshore PCB in Westminster is quality concern. How can you be sure the product is to your specifications? How will you know that it will perform correctly? When you send your PCB design to APCT, it is reviewed by the top DFM engineers in the industry. Our team makes sure that your design is robust to manufacture and will perform as necessary. Once you have approved the final design, we send to our offshore manufacturing partners through our patented Valor Genesis System. This seamless recipe transfer makes sure that your recipe isn’t changed and the product will be completed as ordered.

Another issue with offshore production is large order minimums required by Asian manufacturers. Although the price per unit is cheaper, the large order requirements means your business has to tie up a lot of capital and you have to find someplace to store the product. APCT offers inventory management for our Global customers. We can store the excess inventory in our warehouses and drop ship to you monthly/quarterly as needed. With our pay as you go system, we only bill you as the low cost offshore PCB is sent to your Westminster business. APCT is the printed circuit boards manufacturer you need to connect with low priced PCB. With our seamless recipe transfer and inventory management, you can take advantage of low cost PCB without the typical hassles. Contact us at (203) 284-1215 to learn more.