Low Cost PCB EmeryvilleLow cost PCB isn’t a struggle to find in Emeryville when you rely on APCT, headquartered in nearby Silicon Valley. We have been known for years as a reliable domestic manufacturer of high quality printed circuit boards, and our ability to accommodate compressed lead times on even advanced and HDI PCB. We are pleased to announce a new PCB Global Management Program that offers our valued customers the same reliability and high quality you’ve come to expect from APCT, with the price advantages of offshore printed circuit boards.

Your Offshore PCB Partner

With APCT as your partner for offshore PCB, you gain not just competitively priced product but an involved team who will make your order as smooth as possible. We promise ease of use for our customers, which means we coordinate everything with our offshore manufacturers. Your business doesn’t need to spend man hours on communicating with producers across the globe. You will never have to wake up for a transpacific phone call or worry about how production is going, because our team will handle all the logistics. You will have the same outside sales rep you’ve always had, and customer service and technical support will be taken care of by our domestic team. For seamless delivery of your low cost PCB to Emeryville, trust APCT to communicate with our suppliers in:

  • Northern China
  • Southern China
  • Japan
  • Taiwan

Leave the logistics to us.

APCT doesn’t just offer total coordination, we also provide risk mitigation. As a domestic manufacturer, we are in the unique position to ensure that your production never stops. If for some reason, production halts and your offshore PCB isn’t completed, our domestic factories are ready to complete your order. Your business won’t have to hear “the line is down” or “production is stalled” because we have the capacity to finish any orders domestically. From ease of use to risk mitigation, APCT is the best choice for low cost PCB your Emeryville business can count on. Contact us through our online form or by calling (203) 284-1215 to learn more about how we can help you.