Low Cost PCB MurrietaAre you interested in low cost PCB for your Murrieta business, but are worried about adverse risks? While overseas product is often priced cheaper, relying on an offshore manufacturer can also result in excess communication difficulties and inferior product. What if there was a way to obtain the price advantages of offshore printed circuit boards while mitigating those risks? Now you can with APCT’s PCB Global Management Program!

APCT Is Here For You

APCT is pleased to announce our new program for low cost PCB that can help businesses from Murrieta to Albany. Many of the concerns about overseas manufacturing are mitigated with our oversight. First, we offer ease of use. You won’t have to worry about hiring someone to speak to manufacturers across the world, or coordinating delivery between time zones when you are an APCT customer. Our team will handle all communication with the supplier. If you’re a returning client, you will keep the same sales representative and domestic team you’ve always had. We make it easy for you to order your offshore printed circuit boards, without having to manage logistics.

Another aspect of our Global Management is quality control. Our engineers review your design, and make sure it is robust for performance and manufacturing. Once you’ve approved it, we share with our offshore manufacturing partners through our patented Valor Genesis System. This seamless transfer ensures that no specifications are changed, so you receive exactly the printed circuit boards you ordered. We work extensively with the offshore team to maintain high quality standards. Once the order is completed, it is shipped to our domestic facility. We test every offshore batch for quality control, before sending it to you. Our streamlined process is efficient, fast, and best of all gets high quality and low cost PCB to your Murrieta business! Call (203) 284-1215 or click today to get started on your order.