Low Cost Printed Circuit Boards AlbequerqueFinding low cost printed circuit boards for your Albuquerque mobile or computing business shouldn’t be hard. That’s why APCT offers program management for our valued customers in New Mexico, serving as a much-needed bridge between our domestic customers and overseas suppliers.

Experience the APCT Difference

Through APCT, you can receive low priced product from Asian fabricators, such as Taiwan PCB, without the worries that are typically tied to offshore manufacturing. Anxious about inferior product or risk of the supply chain being shut down? With Global Program Management through APCT, these risks are mitigated; you can enjoy the benefits of low prices without the high stress.

APCT makes low cost printed circuit boards accessible for Albuquerque businesses. Our goal is to provide high quality PCB for our clients, with the cost advantage of overseas manufacturing. We maintain high quality by first working with you on your design; our talented engineers ensure that the design is cost effective for manufacturing and will produce high performing product. Depending on your needs, your order will be sent to one of our suppliers we work closely with in Asia. Over years of experience in the PCB industry, we have built relationships with these suppliers and trust the quality of their manufacturing. If you need compressed lead times, Taiwan PCB may be the best choice, while if you have a longer-term project, China PCB is more competitively priced. Our skilled team will work with you to ensure the best supplier is chosen, and all your contact will continue to be with the same domestic salesperson and customer service you’ve always relied on.

Not only do our engineers work closely with our overseas suppliers to ensure the high quality of your product, our team monitors the progress of your order. If an unexpected event stalls or halts product, APCT can finish your PCB order at our domestic factories. Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, we are not merely a broker but a PCB manufacturer. Our expertise, existing factories, and infrastructure mean you don’t have to worry about inferior product or hearing that the line is down. You can rely on APCT for you low cost printed circuit boards in Albuquerque. Call (203) 284-1215 to get your order started.