Low Cost Printed Circuit Boards Aliso ViejoAre you in search of low cost printed circuit boards in Aliso Viejo? Look no further than APCT! Not only are we a domestic manufacturer, we have partnered with offshore suppliers to bring you PCB that is high quality, at a great price. With APCT’s Global Management, our clients have the freedom to enjoy the benefits of overseas manufacturing without the stereotypical drawbacks that usually accompany it.

Count On APCT

APCT understands that low cost printed circuit boards are essential to your Aliso Viejo tech sector business. Whether you have a mobile, computing, or other technology company, keeping electronic parts’ cost low helps keep your business growing. That’s why we offer our valued customers Taiwan sourced PCB. Our Taiwanese supplier offers a broad spectrum of technologies, including HDI, that can be produced in a tight timeframe. For more competitively priced product, Chinese PCB from our suppliers in Shanghai and Shenzhen provide high quality product in standard lead times of 4-6 weeks or less. We also have a supplier in Japan that produces mid to high range technologies in the same fabrication times. Although our four partners are spread throughout Asia, they share APCT’s commitment to quality product. Over years of experience in the industry, we have come to know and trust these suppliers.

From our four global suppliers in Japan, Taiwan, Northern China, and Southern China, we are able to provide our clients with high quality and low priced printed circuit boards. With APCT’s PCB Global Management, your business can take advantage of low cost printed circuit boards in Aliso Viejo. You don’t have to worry about ordering from Taiwan your PCB directly – our DFM engineers will work with you on design and pick which supplier for your order based on your needs. All communication will be with the same customer service and sales representative at APCT, so there’s no stress about communicating half a world away. For high quality PCB at competitive prices, turn to APCT for PCB Global Management. Dial (203) 284-1215 to get started with your order.