Low Cost Printed Circuit Boards AnaheimIf your high tech business is looking for low cost printed circuit boards in Anaheim, call off the search! APCT is the company you need to set up a reliable supply chain connecting your tech sector business with high quality and low priced printed circuit boards from Asia.

A Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer You Can Count On

We are a domestic manufacturer who, over years of experience in the printed circuit board industry, has built relationships with suppliers in:

  • Taiwan
  • Japan
  • Northern China
  • Southern China

These four suppliers share our commitment to high quality product and a dedication to investing in advances in technology. You can be sure to get the same high quality and options for HDI and multilayered boards from our overseas partners that you would expect from APCT. We make the process as frictionless as possible for our valued customers by promising ease of use and risk mitigation.

Ease of use means that you don’t have to have an employee spend time coordinating logistics or answering middle of the night phone calls. APCT handles all communication with our suppliers, so the only people you talk to are the same customer service and sales team from APCT that you’ve always worked with. We take care of interactions on your behalf, negotiating for cheap printed circuit boards and managing delivery times. We save you time and overhead costs by shouldering all the logistics with overseas manufacturing.

APCT also ensures risk mitigation when you order low cost printed circuit boards for your Anaheim business. While there is always the fear when you order overseas that the order will be stalled or halted, that isn’t a concern with us. We have our own domestic factories and can finish your order in the States if there is any problem with the offshore manufacturing.

With ease of use and risk mitigation through APCT, all you have to do is order you low cost printed circuit boards and they will shortly arrive in Anaheim! We are able to eliminate the delays and logistical hurdles that typically accompany offshore manufacturing. Get cheap printed circuit boards without the hassle by calling (203) 284-1215 today.