Low Cost Printed Circuit Boards BostonThere’s only one manufacturer you need to contact when it comes to finding low cost printed circuit boards for your Boston business. It’s the same manufacturer that you rely on for extremely fast, high performing small batch PCB fabrication, including HDI, and the best customer service in the industry. APCT is still dedicated to bringing high quality PCB to our customers, meeting tight deadlines, and providing stellar customer support, and we are pleased to announce another service for our valued customers. In addition to domestic manufacturing, we now offer offshore PCB program management, a way for our clients to benefit from the lowest cost for printed circuit boards, while avoiding the risks of shoddy product and halted manufacturing.

APCT Is Here For You

While foreign production can be a risk for many when they are unsure of what product they will receive, APCT has handled this issue to bring low cost printed circuit boards to your Boston business. Over years of experience in the industry, we have cultivated relationships with manufacturers to bring you Japan, Taiwan, Southern China, and Northern China PCB that is the same high quality you have come to expect from APCT. Our core aptitude is design for manufacturability expertise, which we use to hone your design and confirm the product is the best version to reliable, effective at its job, and cost effective to manufacture. Once you have approved the design, we work directly with the supplier’s engineers and use our patented Valor Genesis System to transfer the product recipe exactly. Utilizing our system ensures that the NPI build you approved is the same product being manufactured, down to every last detail.

Even once you are assured of the quality of product you will receive, there is the fear that something might halt or stall production. With overseas manufacturing so far away and beyond your grasp, how can you control outside factors? You don’t have to with APCT. We can guarantee you the lowest cost printed circuit boards and can vouch for the dependability of our manufacturing partners. If some issue should arise where your order will not be produced on time or production is stopped, our domestic factories are more than capable of handling it, so there is never a worry that the line is down. By trusting APCT with sourcing your low cost printed circuit boards in Boston, your business can take advantage of cheap prices while ensuring high quality product that is delivered on time. Call (203) 284-1215 or click today to get started.