Low Cost Printed Circuit Boards FremontOffshore manufacturing can be the low cost printed circuit board solution your Fremont area business needs to complete a large order, but it also comes with some significant risks. Logistically, things can get complicated, and you’ll likely end up talking to several different people just to set everything up for one order. You also run the risk that your design isn’t totally accurately transferred over to mass production, resulting in PCBs that are poor quality or highly unreliable, making the low cost of their fabrication a moot point entirely. And there’s also the chance that your order may not be able to be completed, leaving you with partial fulfillment and nothing but questions. The bottom line? Your cheap printed circuit board manufacturing solution can end up costing you quite a bit in time, headaches, and unforeseen expenses.

Fortunately, APCT is here to help.

With our APCT Global production management program, we shoulder the many intricacies and caveats of offshore printed circuit board fabrication, giving your Fremont business all of the low cost advantages while mitigating many of the potential risks. Our first objective is to ensure that you’re getting the product you want, and to that end, we domestically manufacture a prototype of your design for full scrutiny and approval. Once you’ve approved of the prototype, we’ll use our Valor Genesis System to ensure a 100% accurate recipe transfer to our overseas manufacturing partners. Located in Northern China, Southern China, Japan, and Taiwan, these fabrication partners have been carefully selected by us as companies that share in our commitment to providing low cost, high quality PCB solutions for our clients. When the order is completed and sent to us, we rigorously test the product for quality and reliability, ensuring it adheres to APCT’s high standards before sending it to you. And in the unlikely event of any supply chain disruptions, we promise to fulfill any remainder of your order by producing the rest of your project domestically at our own advanced facilities.

APCT’s production management program is the perfect choice when your Fremont business needs a low cost printed circuit board solution. Call us at (203) 284-1215, or use our online form to contact us. Get started with APCT today.