Low Cost Printed Circuit Boards HaywardDoes your business need low cost printed circuit boards in Hayward? The enormous cost benefit of offshore printed circuit board manufacturing is being realized by businesses across the tech industry, but there are downfalls. Unique risks of foreign production include: subpar product, supply chain disruptions, communication issues, and other potential problems. Fortunately, APCT offers PCB program management that mitigates these risks.

Your Partner for Low Price Printed Circuit Boards

APCT’s PCB Program Management provides the advantages of low cost printed circuit boards for your Hayward business, without the pitfalls that typically accompany offshore manufacturing. With the help of our outstanding engineering team and quality control before the product is ever shipped to you, you can be assured to receive high quality, low price printed circuit boards.  Our staff works directly with the supplier. We use our integrated Valor Genesis System to transfer the product recipe. With seamless recipe transfer from APCT, you can be assured that the quality and specifications of the product you received after reviewing the NPI build will be the same as the production build. Every step of the process is managed by our experienced team.  Once production is complete, the finished PCBs are sent to APCT to inspect. We inspect each shipment for quality and performance, so that our customers are confident that when you work with APCT, you are not only getting a low price printed circuit boards manufacturer and manager, but a partner as well.

Rely on the knowledge and expertise of APCT for all your orders, from custom small batches to large scale production. We can not only help source low cost printed circuit boards for your Hayward business, but can assure you of a superior product at every step of the process, from recipe transfer to our fabrication partners in Northern China, Southern China, Taiwan, and Japan, to inspecting the completed PCBs. Dial (408) 727-6442 to discuss how we can help you, or use our convenient online form to contact us.