Low Cost Printed Circuit Boards RaleighYou know your business could benefit from low cost printed circuit boards in Raleigh NC but you are concerned about foreign manufacturing. Your anxiety about offshore production is not unbiased; there are suppliers who send shoddy product, are consistently late, or production may halt entirely. Fortunately, there is a way for your business to enjoy the cost saving benefits of low price printed circuit boards from overseas manufacturers without the characteristic worries that accompany offshore production.

Fortunately There’s APCT

APCT now offers Global Program Management for our valued customers, bringing the convenience of working with a domestic manufacturer and the low prices of sourcing from overseas suppliers.

Firstly, APCT has years of experience in the PCB industry, and has formed partnerships with four suppliers in Asia to bring you high quality, low price printed circuit boards. Our overseas partners can handle flex and rigid flex, HDI builds, multilayers, backplanes, RF/ metal core, and more. Our engineers will handle DFM, which has been always been our expertise. Your benefit from that skill is a robust manufacturable board and cost-effective as well. We use our patented Valor Genesis System to transfer the final customer-approved design to our overseas suppliers. This system allows us to exactly transfer the design with absolutely no change to customer specifications and requirements. When you receive your low cost printed circuit boards in Raleigh NC, you can be sure that they are the exact product you ordered.

In addition to inferior products, another fear of overseas manufacturing is hearing that production has stalled. With APCT handling your PCB program management, there’s no need to worry about that. Our domestic factories can step in if necessary and complete you order, so you won’t hear that the line is down or production is delayed. This is one of many benefits of working with APCT, a domestic PCB manufacturer, to source your offshore cheap PCB. Call APCT at (203) 284-1215 and realize the price advantages of high quality, low cost printed circuit boards for your Raleigh NC business.