Low Cost Printed Circuit Boards Silicon ValleyAPCT, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, is your premier choice for low cost, high-quality printed circuit boards fabrication for your business. With an emphasis on cost-effectiveness, high quality standards, and lightning fast manufacturing speeds, only APCT can deliver cheap PCBs that are still reliable and utilize only high-quality construction materials and methodologies.

Quality Products, Quality Service

Cheap printed circuit boards often come with unexpected costs: offshore manufacturing, a popular low cost printed circuit board solution for Silicon Valley area businesses, runs many risks, such as substandard construction, headache-inducing logistics, and occasional supply chain disruptions that can cause projects to become significantly delayed. True to our commitment to providing our clients an amazing customer service experience, APCT has expanded our domestic PCB manufacturing to include PCB Program Management services, designed to give you all of the cheap cost advantages of offshore manufacturing while mitigating these risks entirely.

Our global manufacturing partners are selected with care, and we ensure that they share in our values of providing exemplary products and lightning fast manufacturing speeds. With APCT taking the reins, you’ll never have to deal with a late night overseas phone call – your APCT representative will always remain the same contact you’ve always had, ready to answer any questions or provide you with any assistance you may need. And in the unlikely event of any supply chain disruptions, APCT will domestically finish whatever is left of your order. With our advanced facilities providing us amazingly fast cycle times, we’ll rapidly complete your project and ship it directly to you – the ultimate in risk mitigation.

See why we’re considered Silicon Valley’s best kept secret for low cost printed circuit boards today. Speak to a friendly APCT representative by calling (408) 727-6442, or feel free to use our online form to get in touch with us with any question, any time.