Low Cost Printed Circuit Boards SunnyvaleYour Sunnyvale area business needs the low cost advantages of overseas printed circuit board fabrication, but trying to do the process yourself can be overwhelming and even worrying. While the appealing cheap prices of having your printed circuit board design mass produced, overseas production runs many risks, such as nightmare-inducing logistics that can hold everything up, the use of poor quality materials or an incomplete design transfer that makes most of the product useless, or even an unforeseen disruption that can result in your project being incompletely fulfilled. But there’s good news: you can still get all the low cost advantages of overseas PCB manufacturing without all the headaches from APCT.

Low Cost PCB With Unbeatable Lead Times

APCT Global is proud to provide Sunnyvale area businesses like yours with complete overseas low cost printed circuit board production program management. We’ll handle everything: from complicated logistical works to rigorous quality assurance of the finished project. And throughout every step of the process, you’ll always have the same friendly APCT representative, receiving our highly praised customer service and technical support experience. With partners in Northern China, Southern China, Japan, and Taiwan that all match the APCT values of providing high-quality products at incredible manufacturing speeds, and our Valor Genesis System to match the project to your approved prototype with 100% accuracy, your printed circuit board order will be cheap without sacrificing quality or reliability of the product. And in the event of any supply-side disruptions, such as a natural disaster or plant strike, APCT promises to fulfill any remainder of your order domestically at our industry-leading facilities, so you’re guaranteed to get your product completed no matter what.

See why we’re considered an industry leader today when your Sunnyvale business partners with us for their overseas low cost printed circuit board needs. Start today by calling (203) 284-1215, or use our online form to ask us any questions. Low prices, expert management, and a strong commitment to providing the best customer service experience we can: that’s the APCT difference.