Low Cost Printed Circuit Boards Triangle Research Park NCWhere can you get low cost printed circuit boards for your Triangle Research Park NC tech business? ACPT, headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley in Santa Clara, is used to working with all types of tech sector companies! Whether you are a small startup or larger corporation, we know that cutting costs is essential to keeping business thriving. That’s why you need cheap printed circuit boards for your electronic products. But finding high quality, yet low cost, PCB can be difficult. That’s where APCT’s Global Program Management comes in.

You need APCT.

We source cheap printed circuit boards from our Asian manufacturing partners, and pass the high quality boards and savings onto you. How do we ensure high quality and ease of use with production happening half a world away? APCT handles all the communication with our foreign partners and guarantees seamless recipe transfer.

APCT is able to offer low cost printed circuit boards to Triangle Research Park NC businesses with full confidence in our ability to deliver high performing circuit boards through a smooth and painless process for our customers. Our team handles all coordination with the foreign manufacturers, so there’s no need for you to stress about late night phone calls or keeping updated on production. We will take care of everything from design transfer to shipping details, so you can expect cheap printed circuit boards delivered on time, and exactly the product you ordered.

In the same manner that we offer excellent customer service and promise ease of use, we also make sure the production goes smoothly. We have carefully selected our foreign suppliers and intimately know their business models so we can correctly match the order to the right manufacturer. For example, our Taiwan based partner can make multilayered advanced technology boards in compressed lead times, so if you have a tight deadline we will arrange Taiwan PCB for you. Also, since APCT is a domestic manufacturer and not merely a broker, you never have to worry about stalled production or late delivery times, because our factories are always prepared to step in and complete an order if necessary. Ease of use, risk mitigation, and low cost printed circuit boards make APCT the best choice for PCB orders in Triangle Research Park NC. Dial (203) 284-1215 to get your order started.