How far do you have to go for multilayer circuit board prototyping in Laguna Beach, CA? You don’t even have to leave Orange County! There are two expert multilayer PCB print facilities in Southern California that are ready to create your next project. APCT Orange County and APCT Anaheim are both circuit board production houses that have the capability to print rigid, flex, and rigid-flex boards extremely quickly. They can even created advanced technology and HDI boards.

If you have a question regarding materials, capacity, or design, we encourage you to reach out to our knowledgeable team. Many of our employees have decades of experience in the industry working with the biggest names in aerospace, defense, and other sectors. By implementing a mentorship program for new employees, we are making sure that valuable institutional knowledge is passed on so we can continue creating high-quality boards for years to come. We don’t just want to be the multilayer circuit board manufacturer for your Laguna Beach, CA business’s next project; we want to be your partner in everything multilayer PCB.

One of the ways we partner with our customers is through APCT Global, our electronics supply chain management service. Our Orange County facilities can create the multilayer PCB prototype, and once you decide you need a full-scale production order, we can handle to logistics of placing the order, seamlessly transferring the recipe, following up on production, keeping you informed with updates, and managing delivery. All of this means you can enjoy the economic benefit of manufacturing beyond U.S. borders with the ease-of-use of working with a domestic fabricator. The best of both worlds! Who better to manage your Offshore Programs than the printed circuit board experts at APCT. Contact us if you need multilayer circuit board in Laguna Beach, CA today, we can handle your order from cradle to grave.