Multilayer circuit board design is becoming more prevelant in San Francisco, CA tech companies. With advancements in technology, multilayer PCB designs are becoming more complex and there are new materials being used to make boards lighter, stronger, and more durable. Once a multilayer printed circuit board is designed, where can you get it produced quickly?

At APCT, we know every seconds counts.

In the tech industry, time is money, so it is crucial to have all components for a project as quickly as possible. We understand our customers have tight deadlines and are waiting on our multilayer PCB NPI build, so we create the boards as quickly as possible. We have high-quality boards that pass every quality assurance test and the fastest lead times in the industry. Our lighting fast production times are unmatched:

  • 2-10 layer boards in 24 hours
  • 12-24 layer boards in 48 hours
  • Via in Pad technology in 48-72 hours
  • High density interconnect technology boards in 3-15 days, depending upon the number of lam cycles

If you need multilayer circuit board for your San Francisco, CA company in a hurry, trust APCT to get it there on time.

In addition to speed, APCT offers another valuable asset with every multilayer circuit board order in San Francisco, CA: customer service. We provide the human element to the printed circuit board industry. This is central to our mission and can be found in our friendly customer service, our thorough DFM review of every design, our quality testing, our sales representatives that keep customers informed of production updates, and helpful technical support that is always ready to answer questions. When we say customer service, we mean it! These two factors, speed and customer service, give us distinction in the printed circuit board business. Experience the APCT difference when you call today. Dial (408) 727-6442 to start your order.