APCT is the best course for multilayer PCB for Huntington Beach, CA businesses. How can we make such a bold claim? We have a team of technical experts and produce high-quality boards, and we offer world-class customer service at every step of the way. We don’t just want to work with your business on one multilayer circuit board order. We want to build a partnership and help you with everything PCB.

APCT is dedicated on the needs of our customers and providing the best experience, which is why we recently invested $3 million dollars into our Orange County facilities to add a production shift, upgrade equipment, and implement a mentorship program for new employees. This investment guarantees faster lead times, smoother production, and passing on of institutional knowledge, which all results in a better product and service! That means your multilayer PCB gets to your Huntington Beach, CA business faster and with less hassle, so you can spend company resources on other parts of the project. APCT keeps you updated on production, answers any technical questions you may have, and offers business solutions as part of your electronic component supply chain.

We were founded by Steve Robinson, a printed circuit board professional since 1971, with three guiding principles: Passion, Commitment, and Trust. You can see these values in everything we do.

Passion: To provide ultimate customer satisfaction.

Commitment: To service and execute with high reliability.

Trust: To be earned by our actions.

Our employees live these words and make all the difference in our company. When you order multilayer circuit board for your Huntington Beach, CA business, you get so much more than a manufacturer with APCT. You get a partner in everything PCB. Whether you need to work within a compressed lead time, need PCB design review, have an advanced technology order, or something else, we can help. Contact us to start your multilayer PCB order today.