Multilayer PCB Ladera Ranch

You have a multilayer PCB design in Ladera Ranch, CA and need a fabrication house to bring the recipe to life. Where can you find a multilayer circuit board manufacturer that you can trust for expedited lead times, technical expertise, and helpful customer service? It turns out you don’t even have to leave Orange County! APCT has two production facilities in Southern California and can offer your business enhanced regional support and the highest quality panels.

Our process begins with a thorough design review by DFM engineers before circuit board fabrication. Our DFM engineers work with your in-house engineering team to fix any flaws and ensure the recipe is robust to manufacture before the build starts, thus saving your business the potential time, hassle, and expense of reprinting the prototype. This extra step in multilayer PCB manufacturing adds a lot of value for your Ladera Ranch, CA business and is just another way APCT uses our knowledge of production and technical expertise to the benefit of our customers. We also offer the fastest lead times in the industry and world-class customer service. This is why businesses in the healthcare, aerospace, defense, and communications industries come to us when they need printed circuit board prototype!

Once our Orange County facilities have created the multilayer circuit board prototype, you may want a full-scale production order. APCT Global is an electronics supply chain management service for our customers that connects you to foreign suppliers with the strength and stability of a domestic manufacturer. We place an order with a supplier located beyond U.S. borders, seamlessly transfer the recipe via our patented Valor Genesis System, and quality test every batch in our domestic facilities prior to shipping the boards to you. When you work with APCT Global for a large multilayer PCB order, your Ladera Ranch, CAbusiness reaps the economic benefits of going outside the United States for manufacturing, while enjoying the risk mitigation and quality control a domestic manufacturer provides. The best of both worlds! Contact APCT to discuss your PCB needs today.