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Cirtech, A Division of APCT, is a proud manufacturer of printed circuit boards, supporting Advanced Rigid Technology to cutting-edge Rigid Flex Technology and supporting the Military Commercial PCB Marketplaces.

Acquired by APCT in January 2018, Cirtech is now part of the largest privately owned printed circuit board manufacturer in North America. As an APCT division, Cirtech has been infused with over $3M in equipment & personnel upgrades; enhancing capabilities, while improving operational efficiencies and reducing cycle times.


military commercial pcb

Cirtech, A division of APCT


APCT understands the constant evolution of technology. And with that evolution, comes the demand from the industry to be able to support new designs. In the spirit of “continuous improvement, innovation, and cost-effective solutions,” APCT is proud to support its customer’s wishes for the next generation of technology and the vision to say “YES” to what their customers need. With that said, we gladly add to the expression “Broad Range of Technology” with the ability to manufacture Flex and Rigid/Flex products.  The strategy of being able to say “yes” was a critical piece in the thinking to acquire Cirtech.

In that same vein, another puzzle piece missing was the ability to supply to the Military market.  The acquisition of Cirtech was again the answer.


Defense & Aerospace manufacturing is a demanding market segment with an enormous emphasis on the protection of intellectual property and the validation and preservation of product integrity. APCT takes this responsibility very seriously, as it strives to put the proper systems in place to repeat and maintain the complex requirements of the Federal Government and the Defense & Aerospace industry at large.  With the acquisition of Cirtech, APCT now possesses the appropriate certifications necessary to build Military products; and just as important, reinvests its resources in equipment and personnel to achieve constant improvement in both operational efficiencies and reducing cycle times.


military commercial pcb



APCT now offers the following certifications:

ISO 9001 Certified

AS9100D Certified

NADCAP Certified

MIL-P-55110 Certified

MIL-PRF-31032 (Pending)

IPC 6012 Class III

ITAR Registered


Achieving these certifications not only allow us to manufacture high technology products for the Defense & Aerospace market, but it also shows that we are committed to continuously improving our PCB technology for all our customers. These certification confirms our pledge to provide the Military and Commercial marketplaces with maximum flexibility and a broad range of technologies to choose from.


What remains true is that the people are the difference makers.  They are the ones that who achieve creating, maintaining and auditing systems that allow the plant to focus on high reliability and high-performance product critical to the extreme environmental tolerances required for these industries.  Our people are the ones who give APCT the opportunity to offer the following technologies and quantities.


Technologies and Quantities:

Rigid Technology  Standard: 2 – 28 Layers

Advanced: 30 – 38 Layers

Development: 40 plus Layers

Flex Technology  Standard: 2 – 6 Layers

Advanced: 8 – 10 Layers

Development: 12 plus Layers

Rigid Flex Technology Standard: 4 – 14 Layers

Advanced: 16 – 24 Layers

Development: 26 plus Layers

HDI Technology  Lam Cycles: 4x

Micro BGA Pitch: .5 mm (Micro Via)

QUANTITIES   From Prototypes to Full-Scale Production Orders


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APCT, your customized global solutions partner

Why would you choose to manufacture your printed circuit boards outside the United States? If you’re like most companies who go with offshore production, you’re looking for a better price. Unfortunately, saving money can mean sacrificing on-time delivery and reliable quality, and that costs you more in the end. To reap the cost benefits of overseas manufacturing, you need a partner who knows the ropes. That’s where the expertise of the APCT Global team shines. At APCT Global, we handle the hard stuff:

  • qualifying a supplier
  • transferring design recipes
  • answering engineering questions & quality concerns
  • overcoming potential language barriers & logistic issues
  • working across multiple time zones & exchange rates
  • managing inventory

APCT Global eliminates all the headaches, delays, and logistic challenges that come with managing global procurement. We don’t just connect you with offshore manufacturers, APCT Global manages the entire operation.

Successful offshore manufacturing begins with nurturing reliable partnerships, and at APCT we are very vigilant about qualifying who we work with. All our manufacturers must pass strict standards, including financial strength, in-house processes, and consistent quality and on-time delivery. Not only do our partners have the capability of delivering high-volume orders at very cost-effective pricing, they share our business philosophies of serving our customers with a quality-first approach, cutting-edge technology, and lead-time expertise.

We’ve made a point of partnering with facilities that meet the technology needs of our customers.

We have business partners that specialize in standard, through-hole technology work, such as 2-layer to 10-layer boards. We have partners who specialize in advanced, HDI multiple lam cycle technology work, such as 38-layer 7 lam cycle work. Based on volume, lead time, technology, and pricing, APCT matches the needs of our customers with the strengths of the appropriate business partner offshore.


APCT Global Regions

APCT Global has developed strong partnerships in five major regions of Asia: Japan, Taiwan, Northern and Southern China, and Vietnam. Below is a description of their capabilities:


Our Tokyo-based partners offer advanced technologies (HDI) with lead times ranging from 5 – 8 weeks. Our Japanese partners offer additional capacity to our HDI domestic manufacturing. APCT has a long history of multi-lamination builds with partners here, demonstrating consistent quality and delivery.

Technology ranges are as follows:

  • Rigid 10 – 30 layers
  • HDI — blind and buried, ELIC via structures up to 30 layers
  • Focused on mid to high volumes
  • Standard lead times of 5 – 8 weeks


Our partners in Taiwan offer a broad range of technologies and lead times. These partners offer a more competitive pricing in comparison to standard domestic cost structures, while maintaining consistently high quality.

Technology ranges are as follows:

  • Rigid 2 – 12 layers
  • RF laminated product Rogers/PTFE/Teflon materials
  • Focused on high mix, low to mid volumes
  • Standard lead times of 3 – 4 weeks


Our Northern China partners offer standard technologies with lead times ranging from 3 – 6 weeks.

Technology ranges are as follows:

  • Rigid 2 – 4 layers
  • Focused on high volumes
  • Standard lead times of 3 – 6 weeks


Our Southern China partners offer standard to advanced technologies with lead times ranging from 3 – 8 weeks. A wide range of material sets are offered in this region, including standard FR4 and specialty laminates such as Isola’s I-Speed series, Rogers’ 4000 series and Panasonic’s Megtron series.

Technology ranges are as follows:

  • Rigid 2 – 36 layers
  • Backplanes
  • HDI — blind and buried via structures up to 10 layers
  • RF utilizing Rogers/PTFE/Teflon materials
  • Heavy copper weights
  • Focused on high mix, low to high volumes
  • Standard lead times of 3 – 8 weeks


Our Vietnamese partners offer standard to advanced technologies with lead times ranging from 3 – 6 weeks. A wide range of material sets are offered in this region, including standard FR4 and specialty laminates such as TUC, Panasonic, Rogers, and Arlon series.

Technology ranges are as follows:

  • Rigid 8 – 20 layers
  • HDI — blind and buried via structures
  • Standard lead times of 3 – 6 weeks

APCT Global Map


APCT Global Advantages

Through the APCT Global model, APCT can continue to offer our trusted customer service and our engineering expertise, while substantially lowering your cost. The advantages of the model are founded on four principles:

  • ease of use
  • seamless recipe transfer
  • inventory management
  • risk mitigation

Advantage 1: ease of use
Whether you choose to produce with APCT domestically or offshore, all your contacts remain the same. You continue working with your current outside sales rep, inside customer service rep, and the engineering and technical support group you have come to know. APCT interacts with our offshore partners on your behalf, coordinating price and delivery schedules and inspecting the product prior to your acceptance. This saves you a lot of hassle, as well as time and overhead costs.

Advantage 2: seamless recipe transfer
At APCT our core competency is detailed engineering support, enabling superior execution. We take the time to hone your design and confirm that the board is the most reliable and the most robust to manufacture, making it also the most cost effective. That effort is not lost when placing an order offshore. After full review, our staff work directly with our supplier’s engineering team. We utilize our integrated Valor Genesis System to transfer the product recipe, eliminating any potential shift from specifications. You can be confident that the NPI build will be transferred seamlessly to the production build.

Advantage 3: inventory management
If you’re concerned about accepting an entire order at once, APCT can warehouse your order and drop-ship to customers. And, because our warehouses are strategically located — one on the West Coast, one on the East Coast, and one in Austin, Texas — we are able to offer one-day shipping at a very reasonable cost. But if you prefer shipments from our Asian partners go directly to your Asian assembly house, APCT can set up those schedules as well. In addition, APCT Global also can manage your inventory, using Kanban and VMI techniques. You only pay for the product you need. In short, APCT saves you time and overhead costs by managing your offshore supply chain.

Advantage 4: risk mitigation
At APCT we receive all deliveries from our offshore partners at our domestic facilities where each product is electrically tested and visually inspected. After passing inspection, the circuit boards are then certified that they have met both APCT standards and the precise customer specifications. If the order is ever short due to a disruption in the supply chain, we build the product domestically until our offshore supplier is back online. Because APCT is a brick and mortar company set up to manufacture at world-class lead times, and not a broker, the ability to build the product quickly and deliver is a critical component in understanding true risk mitigation.


APCT Complete PCB Global Solutions Program


The APCT Global model of printed circuit board manufacturing ensures you get reliable quality and on-time delivery — every time. Who better to manage your offshore programs than PCB experts? APCT eliminates all the headaches, delays, and logistic challenges that come with managing global procurement. Let us build you a solution!


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When it comes to manufacturing printed circuit boards and design for manufacturability- DFM, you want a company with precision equipment, reliable systems to consistently produce a quality product and on-time delivery numbers that are always high.  But these characteristics are not enough!  It’s indeed the people that are the differentiators.  People run the equipment; people create the systems; people build long-lasting relationships.  To produce a win-win between customer and supplier we work hard to establish long-term relationships.  And how is that achieved? By building trust.

A trusting partnership doesn’t develop overnight.  We build it over time. At APCT our success comes from our consistency of action, driven by our exceptional personnel.  From the receptionist who first answers your call to shipping personnel who deliver the product; the employees of APCT take to heart the values of the company when it first started:  Passion, Commitment, and Trust.  Simply put, APCT will do whatever it takes to ensure the success of our customers.  That attitude is what creates trust.  That attitude turns a “customer/supplier” relationship to that of a real partnership.

The beginning of building trust starts with our DFM (Design for Manufacturability) team.  We pair our highly skilled DFM engineers with your product development staff and along with your PCB designers.  Together, industry expertise and knowledge of the most advanced materials and newest technology is shared to achieve the most reliable and cost-effective design of the product.  This early level of support results in benefits ranging from increased development success to reduced cycle times and improved product yields.  By combining the designer’s vision with APCT’s experience and expertise in PCB manufacturing, stack-ups of various solutions emerge before the build, assuring both partners an outcome of a high-reliability product.  Best of all, by involving the APCT engineering team from the start, production time is decreased, while driving down manufacturing costs


Design for Manufacturability (DFM)

Our engineers bring their industry expertise and knowledge of the most advanced materials and newest technology to advise you on your design to ensure that is both highly reliable and cost-effective.

Our Design for Manufacturability (DFM) service is unique in the industry.  It will be difficult for you to find another PCB manufacturer who will team their engineering team with your engineering team FOR FREE!  In most cases, to gain the expertise of a DFM team, an appointment or a purchase order or a promise to place the order is necessary.  At APCT, the DFM service is complimentary.  It is a “good faith” measure to earn trust.  It is the first step toward creating a long-lasting relationship.  If we are successful in our efforts, it’s a step in the right direction to earn your loyalty.

Design for Manufacturability (DFM)


By involving the APCT engineering team from the start, we cut your production time and increase your profit margin.

Every client, every design, every opportunity is unique in its technical challenges.  At APCT, we are armed with a full suite of ideas and design capabilities that will form the basis of our answers.  Our team is invested in improvements and coming up with cost-effective solutions.  It’s our experience and expertise in not only HDI technologies, but in PCB manufacturing in general that gives us the confidence to suggest new material selections or process capabilities or finish requirements as solutions to your needs.

Our purpose up front is to save an iteration or two.  It’s time and money, and we know by this approach that it will develop confidence between us that will lead to trust.  It’s at that point that a true partnership is born.  When your needs are critical, and you require more than just a supplier, call APCT.  It’s the people that are the difference makers.  Give us the opportunity to earn your trust.


Design formanufactuability


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  • Photo Credits: Steve Reeder Photography

It’s not news that every company wants to count on world-class cycle times for the manufacture of its product. But fast turnaround of high-quality printed circuit boards (PCB) doesn’t happen just because you wish it to be so. Speedy delivery depends on up-to-date equipment, qualified personnel, and streamlined systems to engineer your product with reliable quality — on time, every time.

Yet for a PCB manufacturer to consistently meet its customers’ deadlines, there needs to be determination and dedication. That’s what sets APCT apart from the rest. Passion, commitment, and trust are not just buzzwords that sound good; they are the foundation of APCT culture.

 fast turnaround high quality printed circuit boardsfast turnaround high quality printed circuit boards






Our state-of-the-art equipment and reliable procedures are part of the reason we are able to hit delivery dates, but it’s the mindset of our people, culture, and environment that makes turnaround go so smoothly. When an order is received, the team at APCT swiftly set the manufacturing process in motion with efficiency, calm, and composure. That quiet confidence is business as usual for our staff because quick turnarounds aren’t released to the floor once a month or once a week; quick-turn orders are released daily.

 Quick turnarounds aren’t released to the floor once a month or once a week; quick-turn orders are released daily.

To announce to the industry that you’re a quick-turn facility creates a lot of responsibility. A supplier answering “yes” to a quick-turn opportunity one month and then “no” to the same opportunity the next month only drives its customers crazy. There is no dependability, no trust between customer and supplier. At APCT, we’ve worked hard to earn the trust of our customers by executing and delivering products with reliable quality and in the time frame promised.

First-rate products delivered promptly simply isn’t something you can wish to be so. That consistency of reliable quality and dependable delivery must be part of the DNA within a company. This dependability is part of the fabric of APCT. It falls under our foundational pillars of passion, commitment, and trust. Give us the opportunity to earn your trust.


 fast turnaround of high-quality printed circuit boards PCB


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With its recent acquisitions, APCT is proud to expand its Broad Range of Technologies to include Flex and Rigid-Flex PCB capabilities. Additional benefits of the acquisition are an increased capacity and certifications unique to the Defense & Aerospace industries. At this time, resources of equipment and personnel are being poured into both facilities.


APCT now boasts 4 domestic manufacturing sites, three  on the west coast and one on the east coast and still maintains its Program Management Solutions through APCT Global; where off-shore builds can be warehoused in California, Connecticut, Texas and Southern China.


APCT continues to take the steps to ensure it can say “Yes” to its customer’s needs of technology and lead time.

Give us the opportunity to earn your trust by our actions, and experience our flexibility.


Rigid-Flex PCB


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The Acquisition of Cartel & Cirtech Is Just What We Wished For!

APCT has acquired the Southern California based company Cartel Electronics and its affiliate Cirtech. The acquisition of Cartel brings APCT needed capacity and regional support in Southern California.  Cirtech’s history primarily has focused on the Defense & Aerospace industries. Its manufacturing not only produces Mil-Spec certified Rigid, Flex and Rigid-Flex technologies; but is supported by specific industry certifications:  AS9100; NADCAP; MIL-P-55110 and MIL-PRF-31032.  The acquisition of Cirtech brings APCT not only these highly desired industry certifications, but also the entry into the Flex and Rigid-Flex market place.

• Expanded Capacity

• Regional Support in Southern California

• Flex and Rigid Flex Capabilities

• Additional Defense and Aerospace Industry Certifications



According to APCT President / CEO Steve Robinson, “As APCT continues to grow, we will not only share our expertise with those new to us; but will continue to nurture the culture of Passion, Commitment & Trust that has become the very fabric of our existence.”

We hope to earn your trust to grant you your wish of innovative design and service.

– The (Growing APCT Team)



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Our APCT team is ready to welcome you at booth 319 this Wednesday at PCB West 2017 in Santa Clara, CA. (Hint: Same booth at last year).

We are always looking forward to the exhibition day to see familiar faces, meet new people and connect with you to help you meet your challenges and provide solutions for your fabrication needs. Our team is famous for rolling up our sleeves, ready to work alongside you, from prototype to volume production runs. We are ready to support the build, no matter the quantity, with our DFM expertise through our project management team. Let’s talk technical: Let’s talk about material sets and complex stack-ups, and when you’re confident, let’s talk cycle times!

Let’s connect at the conference and get rolling. Let us earn your trust.




APCT offers our customers unique solutions in technology, in cycle times and in program management. It is a company driven to service, to execute and provide ultimate customer satisfactions. APCT is built on 3 key pillars – Passion, Commitment & Trust. These three principles are embraced daily by a group of employees assembled to be the very best in the industry. It is through their constant efforts that initiate and nurture true partnerships, strengthens APCTs responsibility toward earning and sustaining their customer’s loyalty.

Steve Robinson (APCT President/CEO) talks with Ryan Cartner in the July issue of Business in Focus magazine – Mr. Robinson reinforces APCT’s commitment to our clients and the quality of our craftsmanship. 

Robinson envisions the company as more of a service model because it listens to the clients’ concern and builds a unique solution to address those. Robinson defines APCT as, “a full service provider – and by the way, we also happen to build printed circuit boards.”

Continue reading the article

“Full service” in any industry can mean very different things, even more so in the printed circuit board industry. Steve illustrates how APCT responds to customers and their challenges. They have created a great team that can work together with clients from the prototype through volume production, building strong relationships of trust that goes beyond the norm of any industry. “Experience the difference” is the support team’s tag line,



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How many ways can we say “YES” to our customers? Well, we found one more.

We know that the Aerospace, Aviation and Defense industries rely on the strictest of standards for their suppliers. There are but a few that have applied for this certification and we are proud to announce that we have been awarded the AS9100D Certification for our Wallingford, CT facility.

We could not have achieved this without our amazing staff, dedicated not only to quality, but quality along with our customers in mind.

We could not have done it without our customers telling us this certification is key.

We listened. We achieved. Now we can deliver!

Our treasured customers, current, past and future, please always reach out and let us know how we can serve you better. Let us add another “YES” to our (getting long) list.

Again thank you customers for this opportunity and thank you to the APCT family for achieving this certification.




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