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Our APCT team is ready to welcome you at booth 319 this Wednesday at PCB West 2017 in Santa Clara, CA. (Hint: Same booth at last year).

We are always looking forward to the exhibition day to see familiar faces, meet new people and connect with you to help you meet your challenges and provide solutions for your fabrication needs. Our team is famous for rolling up our sleeves, ready to work alongside you, from prototype to volume production runs. We are ready to support the build, no matter the quantity, with our DFM expertise through our project management team. Let’s talk technical: Let’s talk about material sets and complex stack-ups, and when you’re confident, let’s talk cycle times!

Let’s connect at the conference and get rolling. Let us earn your trust.




APCT offers our customers unique solutions in technology, in cycle times and in program management. It is a company driven to service, to execute and provide ultimate customer satisfactions. APCT is built on 3 key pillars – Passion, Commitment & Trust. These three principles are embraced daily by a group of employees assembled to be the very best in the industry. It is through their constant efforts that initiate and nurture true partnerships, strengthens APCTs responsibility toward earning and sustaining their customer’s loyalty.

Steve Robinson (APCT President/CEO) talks with Ryan Cartner in the July issue of Business in Focus magazine – Mr. Robinson reinforces APCT’s commitment to our clients and the quality of our craftsmanship. 

Robinson envisions the company as more of a service model because it listens to the clients’ concern and builds a unique solution to address those. Robinson defines APCT as, “a full service provider – and by the way, we also happen to build printed circuit boards.”

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“Full service” in any industry can mean very different things, even more so in the printed circuit board industry. Steve illustrates how APCT responds to customers and their challenges. They have created a great team that can work together with clients from the prototype through volume production, building strong relationships of trust that goes beyond the norm of any industry. “Experience the difference” is the support team’s tag line,



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How many ways can we say “YES” to our customers? Well, we found one more.

We know that the Aerospace, Aviation and Defense industries rely on the strictest of standards for their suppliers. There are but a few that have applied for this certification and we are proud to announce that we have been awarded the AS9100D Certification for our Wallingford, CT facility.

We could not have achieved this without our amazing staff, dedicated not only to quality, but quality along with our customers in mind.

We could not have done it without our customers telling us this certification is key.

We listened. We achieved. Now we can deliver!

Our treasured customers, current, past and future, please always reach out and let us know how we can serve you better. Let us add another “YES” to our (getting long) list.

Again thank you customers for this opportunity and thank you to the APCT family for achieving this certification.




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Steve Robinson, CEO of APCT, talks with Toby Shaughnessy of iConnect007 about APCTs incredible eight years of double digit growth, their technology sweet spot and predictions of the next five years.

“Be honest: treat your customers with respect, the small ones and the big ones. I have multi-million dollar customers and I have thousand dollar customers. We treat all of them in the same way in my company, because our goal is to have all customers feel important and trust that they will be treated accordingly….I think we will continue to grow as long as we stay focused on our task.” -Steve Robinson

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Challenge- should be our middle name. We love challenges, bring them on. It’s our opportunity for you to understand the depth of our expertise in PCB, DFM and complex circuit design, and we put it all to good use- your success. Whether you are a design engineer, in the quality department or a supply chain expert, share with us what is puzzling you and we’ll discover your next best move together.



Find us in print, April Edition, Page 15.

APCT is proud of its ability to support design and product success from prototype through large scale manufacturing offerings. We combine our domestic expertise in fast-turn NPI work, with our program management of large production runs from our offshore partners, to offer to our customers solutions to their every need.

As your volume progresses naturally from prototype through production in a typical product lifecycle, we make the process seamless. It’s what we do best.  Tell us your problem, we’ll give you a solution!


Find us in print, March Edition, Page 11.


APCT just finished its first year at DesignCon and was thrilled at the outcome!

As a manufacturer of high reliability, rigid printed circuit boards, we were pleased to be introduced to designers and engineers that represented so many industries across the printed circuit board spectrum. As people were finding the capabilities of APCT, we certainly enjoyed finding out about the new ideas and designs surrounding the electronics industry. 

Such a unique trade show, we were not only amazed at the diversity of ideas, but how strongly we were for each other in encouragement and support. It was an exciting time for us to stay current with philosophical thinking and how best to support that thinking with expertise and new equipment.

Thank you one and all who came to our booth. We hope to stay current and connected to you.

Join us next time first thing for an APCT red doughnuts, no through holes just blind vias.

It’s all about coming together as a design community, creating that unique face-to-face dialog. Please visit our booth 501 on the expo floor. We would like to encourage folks share what they’ve learned or conversations they found valuable.  In a series of boot camp, keynote, panel discussions and more on day one (Jan 31st), everyone enjoyed the food and friendship. We hope you find our booth a place that we talk with you not at you.

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APCT in the Media Feb 1:


APCT is proud to participate in DesignCon, the premier conference for chip, board, and systems design engineers, returns to Silicon Valley for its 22nd year. DesignCon serves the high speed communications and semiconductor communities offering state-of-the-art design methodologies, applications, technologies, and unparalleled networking opportunities.

APCT wants to stop being the best-kept secret in the Printed Circuit Board industry; we will accomplish this by launching the first in our six series campaign “Who Are These Guys”, which is designed to introduce and educate the PCB industry on APCT’s innovative technologies, customer-first mantra and the incredible staff that truly differentiates APCT from the competition.