Offshore Low Cost PCB Manufacturer Hillsboro ORWorking with an offshore low cost PCB manufacturer from Hillsboro OR doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, ordering cheaply priced and high quality printed circuit boards can be as easy as turning to your trusted domestic supplier. APCT is a PCB manufacturing company headquartered in Silicon Valley that serves technology businesses throughout the United States and Canada.

We are excited to announce our PCB Global Management program.

After careful consideration and thorough inspections of their business practices, we have partnered with four overseas manufacturers in:

  • Northern China
  • Southern China
  • Taiwan
  • Japan

Through Global, we are able to bring your mobile or computing business the price advantages of offshore PCB with the ease of use and quality control of working with a domestic manufacturer.

Your first concern with working with an offshore low cost PCB manufacturer in Hillsboro OR may be finding the right supplier. Fortunately, APCT has already vetted manufacturers for you. Your company may also be worried about the man hours needed to properly place the order, follow up with the supplier, and coordinate delivery. Our domestic team takes care of all of these details. You will communicate with the same team from APCT, and are welcome to take advantage of our helpful customer service and technical support at anytime. We take care of all the logistics in your order.

In addition to ease of use, we also offer quality control for our customers. Our experienced DFM engineers review your design, get your business’s final approval, and seamlessly transfer the recipe using our patented Valor Genesis System. Once it has been sent to the overseas PCB manufacturing company, we keep track of progress and have the final product shipped to our domestic facility. We quality test every batch from the offshore low cost PCB manufacturer before sending it to you in Hillsboro OR. With APCT, you can count on ease of use, quality control, and the peace of mind of working with the leading domestic PCB supplier. Call us today at (203) 284-1215 to begin your order.