Offshore Low Cost PCB Manufacturer Mesa AZHas your business considered working with an offshore low cost PCB manufacturer in Mesa AZ, but you are worried about the drawbacks of overseas production? Many companies shy away from ordering through an offshore PCB manufacturer because of the stereotypical concerns surrounding Asian suppliers. If you have backed away from low cost offshore PCB because of large order minimums and production concerns, APCT can help! Our PCB Global Management program is the perfect way to take advantage of low priced overseas printed circuit boards while working with a domestic manufacturer.

Your Source For Low Cost Offshore PCB

Our Global Management program makes it easy to receive the benefits of an offshore low cost PCB manufacturer in Mesa AZ. One of the major concerns with ordering from an offshore PCB manufacturer is large order requirements. Ordering lots of inventory takes up a lot of your capital and leaves you needing to store the excess product. However, when you work with APCT, you get inventory management and a pay as you go system. We have strategic warehousing in California, Connecticut, Texas, and Hong Kong that can store your printed circuit boards. We will drop ship monthly or quarterly as you need the product. In addition, we only charge you as we ship the product, so your cash flow is freed up.

Large order minimums aren’t the only concern when working with an offshore low cost PCB manufacturer in Mesa AZ. Every business owner’s fear is hearing “the line is down”. APCT mitigates this risk! We are a domestic manufacturer with the ability to complete your order if there are any issues with offshore production. Our Global Management program helps save your business money with low priced offshore PCB while offering inventory management and risk mitigation. Contact APCT by calling (203) 284-1215 to learn more and begin your order today.