Offshore Low Cost PCB Manufacturer TempeAn offshore low cost PCB manufacturer can help save your Tempe tech business capital. Overseas production can lower your overhead with cheaply priced product. The financial benefits are clear, but what about the drawbacks? Offshore manufacturers often require large order minimums and upfront payment. It can be difficult for many small and mid-sized companies to pay for the entire order upfront and to store the abundance of excess inventory. It can also be difficult to find a reliable PCB manufacturing company halfway around the world, and communicate your needs to them.

Fortunately, APCT has the answer.

Our new PCB Global Management Program offers professional inventory management. We place the order to an offshore low cost PCB manufacturer for your Tempe company. When the offshore printed circuit boards are complete, we inspect every batch and store in our warehouse. Our team can arrange monthly or quarterly drop shipments to your business as needed, and we only charge you as we ship the product. With our inventory management and pay as you go system, you don’t have to pay for storage and you can take advantage of ordering from an overseas PCB manufacturing company without paying for a large upfront order.

In addition to inventory management, APCT also offers ease of use. We handle all coordination and logistics with the offshore low cost PCB manufacturer so your Tempe company doesn’t have to. From ordering to checking on production to arranging delivery, we have it covered. You won’t ever have to answer a phone call in the middle of the night or wonder how operations are moving along because you will be in contact with the same APCT sales representative you’ve always had. Call us today at (203) 284-1215 to discuss how PCB Global Management can help your Arizona business with one of our friendly customer service professionals.