Offshore Low Cost PCB Manufacturer TigardAre you looking for an offshore low cost PCB manufacturer in Tigard? APCT can help! We are pleased to announce our new PCB Global Management program, which will allow your mobile or computing business to reap the benefits of low cost offshore PCB while retaining the benefits of working with a domestic manufacturer. Two of the key benefits we offer are ease of use and seamless recipe transfer.

The Only Offshore PCB Manufacturing Company You Need

One of the concerns when working with an offshore PCB manufacturing company is finding and communicating with the right supplier. Luckily, APCT has it handled. We have partnered with four overseas manufacturers in Northern China, Southern China, Taiwan, and Japan that share our dedication for high performance printed circuit boards and fast lead times. We handle communication with the offshore low cost PCB manufacturer so your Tigard business can focus on other things. You never have to make a transpacific phone call or track down a supplier, because we offer our Global customers total ease of use.

In addition to ease of use, we also provide seamless recipe transfer. Our experienced DFM engineers will review your design, and once you have approved the final recipe, transfer it to our offshore PCB manufacturing company partner using our Valor Genesis System. This patented transfer process ensures that every specification is retained and you will receive product made precisely to your design. With ease of use and seamless recipe transfer, APCT Global offers unparalleled value for your company. We make it easy to order from an offshore low cost PCB manufacturer from Tigard, while maintaining the comfort and straightforwardness of working with a domestic supplier. Contact us to order your offshore printed circuit boards today. Fill out our convenient online form or dial (203) 284-1215 to speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives.