Offshore Low Cost PCB Manufacturer TustinIf you have been considering working with an offshore low cost PCB manufacturer in Tustin, then you have evaluated the pros and cons of overseas production. With an offshore PCB manufacturer your company can access competitive pricing and lower costs. However, with low cost PCB comes concerns. Most manufacturers require a large upfront order and you have no control over production.

That’s where APCT comes in.

We are a trusted domestic manufacturer and are pleased to announce our PCB Global Management Program. With APCT Global, you can receive the price benefits of offshore manufacturing with the security of a domestic manufacturer.

The first concern with working with Asian manufacturers is large order minimums. Although the price per unit is cheaper, buying a bulk quantity is expensive and ties up your capital. Your business also must store or pay to store the excess product. APCT offers inventory management for our Global customers. We store the product in our warehouse, and ship to you as needed. We can set up monthly or quarterly drop shipping straight to your business. The best part? With our pay as you go system, you are only charged as the product is shipped to you. With APCT as your connection to an offshore low cost PCB manufacturer in Tustin, your tech company can reap the price advantages without the drawback of reducing cash flow and having to store inventory.

APCT has an established supply chain to an offshore low cost PCB manufacturer in Tustin. We have partnered with reliable manufacturers after thoroughly inspecting their business practices and factories. However, the risk with any offshore production is unforeseen events. Every customer’s worst fear is hearing “the line is down.” Working with APCT mitigates that risk. Our domestic facilities can step in and complete your order should an issue arise.  We offer low cost PCB without the traditional risks. Contact us today at (203) 284-1215 to get started on your order.