Offshore Low Cost PCB Manufacturer Yorba LindaMany think about turning to an offshore low cost PCB manufacturer for their Yorba Linda tech business, but are turned off by large order minimums and fear of inadequate product. How can your business receive the price advantages of working with an offshore PCB manufacturer while sidestepping the issues involved with overseas production? By relying on APCT Global for all your PCB needs! Our Global PCB Management Program allows you to receive the benefits of low priced boards with the dependability of a domestic supplier.

The Offshore PCB Manufacturer You Need

One key issue small and mid-sized businesses face when ordering from an offshore PCB manufacturer is large order requirements. These requirements mean your business has to pay upfront and store excess product until you need it, tying up your capital in inventory. Fortunately, APCT has a solution: inventory management and a pay as you go system for our Global customers. APCT will store your product in our safe and secure warehouse until you need it. We will arrange shipments, monthly or quarterly, to your business. We only charge you as the product is shipped! With our management, you can order product from an offshore low cost PCB manufacturer in Yorba Linda without the typical drawbacks.

Another concern with overseas production is inferior product. How can you make sure your printed circuit boards are made to the right specifications? By relying on the best DFM engineers in the business! When you send your PCB design in, it will be reviewed by our engineers. Once you have approved the final design, we use our patented Valor Genesis System to seamlessly transfer the recipe to our offshore manufacturing partners. This system ensures that the exact specifications are relayed, and that your product will be as ordered. Once the production is complete, our domestic team reviews every batch of offshore boards. With APCT, your business can reap the benefits of working with an offshore low cost PCB manufacturer in Yorba Linda, while retaining the security of a domestic supplier. Contact us at (203) 284-1215 to get your order started.