Offshore PCB Aliso ViejoHave you heard about the best source for offshore PCB in Aliso Viejo? It’s APCT, the trusted domestic manufacturer that offers customers the best lead times in the PCB industry. APCT has taken our commitment to customers and passion for high quality PCB and expanded with a new service: PCB Global Management. Traditionally, many businesses have shied away from offshore printed circuit boards because of large order requirements and other issues with overseas manufacturing. With our new program, your business can take advantage of the cost benefits of Asian manufacturing without the typical concerns.

Your Offshore PCB Partner

Many overseas suppliers require large minimum orders in order to access competitive pricing. But that leaves your business having to pay the upfront cost of a large order and having to store batches of offshore PCB in Aliso Viejo. APCT offers complete inventory management for our valued clients. When you order offshore printed circuit boards, they are shipped first to our team, where we test every batch for quality control. If needed, we can store your offshore PCB for you in our warehouse. With our pay as you go program, you don’t pay until the product is shipped to your business, allowing you to free up cash flow and not sink everything into a large batch of inventory you can’t use all at once. APCT’s inventory management is a fantastic solution for businesses who don’t have the storage space for tons of inventory or who don’t want to pay for the order all at once. We can arrange a shipment to your business as you need it, for example once monthly.

Inventory management is just one of the benefits of working with APCT to procure offshore PCB for your Aliso Viejo company. Receive the benefits of low cost PCB with the advantages of a domestic partner in APCT. Call (203) 284-1215 to discuss how we can help you.