Offshore PCB BostonWhere can you get offshore PCB in Boston that you can trust? Through the same manufacturer that you rely on for domestic made PCB! APCT is pleased to offer PCB program management, sourcing offshore printed circuit boards for our customers while mitigating the risks that are traditionally associated with foreign production, including inferior fabrication and logistical problems.

Offshore Printed Circuit Boards You Can Count On

There’s no need to stress about inferior product when you rely on APCT for offshore PCB for your Boston business. We have built strong partnerships with our suppliers in Northern China, Southern China, Taiwan, and Japan, and are confident in their ability to produce high performing product. Not only that, we take the time to hone your design and make sure the PCB is the best product to manufacture, from robust performance to cost efficiency. We have built a reputation on passion for printed circuit boards and DFM expertise, and this dedication to high quality PCB continues into our program management. Each batch is shipped back to us, and we perform quality control and test every order for performance issues, ensuring you get the high quality offshore printed circuit boards your mobile or computing business needs.

Another benefit of working with APCT for your offshore PCB in Boston is the time and overhead costs we save you; there’s no need to worry about trans-Pacific time zones or having a staff member organize the details of your printed circuit boards. We will handle all logistics for you, and you will talk to the same customer service and sales team throughout the process, freeing you to focus on your business. APCT is the best choice for cheap PCB that is manufactured at reputable overseas suppliers, high quality, and hassle-free. Call (203) 284-1215 or submit a contact us request online to get started with the PCB experts.