Offshore PCB DallasAPCT is the best source for offshore PCB for your Dallas business. Not only are we the industry-leader in fabrication times, we manage offshore printed circuit boards manufacturing as well. As a manufacturer and a manager of PCB, our team is in a unique position to offer our valued clients the cost benefits of offshore manufacturing with the world class technical support and customer service you have come to recognize as integral to APCT.

Your Source for Offshore PCB

When ordering offshore PCB in Dallas, you deserve a smooth and pleasant customer experience. APCT was founded to bring the human element to the PCB industry. When you work with our skilled staff, whether for a small domestic build or a large overseas order, you will experience the APCT difference. Our mantra is passion, commitment, and trust, three words that perfectly sum up the cornerstones of our business. We have a passion for high quality PCBs, a commitment to our customers, and work to build trust between our team and our clients. We want to be not just your PCB manager but a partner. That’s why we offer offshore printed circuit boards that will save your business money without the complications that often mar overseas manufacturing like communication issues.

Whether your offshore PCB is produced in our suppliers’ factories in Northern China, Southern China, Japan, or Taiwan, you will speak to the same domestic customer service representative throughout the process. All of your current contact personnel will remain the same, from the outside sales rep to the inside customer service rep and the engineering and technical support group you have come to know. Before shipping your final product to you, we will:

  • Interact with the overseas manufacturers
  • Handle logistics
  • Negotiate price
  • Inspect the finished product for quality control

Save time and costs associated with having to go back and forth with foreign suppliers to ensure everything goes smoothly. Let APCT help save your business time and money when you use offshore PCB management. Call (203) 284-1215 or click our online form to learn more.