Offshore PCB Gilbert AZIs your business considering purchasing offshore PCB in Gilbert AZ? The cost benefits of cheap printed circuit boards can considerably lower overhead for your mobile or computing business. Unfortunately, working with offshore manufacturers can be tricky. How do you monitor production halfway around the world? First you have to find the right supplier, maintain contact with them, and hope that nothing stalls production. APCT is pleased to announce our Global Management program, a new service that allows our customers to order low cost offshore PCB directly through us.

Experience the APCT Difference

Ordering offshore PCB in Gilbert AZ doesn’t have to be complicated. With APCT, you will talk to the same inside sales representative you’ve always had. Our domestic customer service and technical support are available to answer any questions. We promise ease of use for our Global customers; there’s never a need to wake up in the middle of the night for a transpacific phone call or to worry about how production is going. Our team will handle all logistics, including communicating with the overseas manufacturer, sending the printed circuit board design, and coordinating delivery.

In addition to taking care of logistics, we offer risk mitigation for your low cost offshore PCB. You never have to worry about hearing the production is stalled. If there are any issues with the overseas manufacturers, APCT’s domestic factories can finish your order. Making APCT your PCB partner means that you get the low price of offshore PCB for your Gilbert AZ business, with the peace of mind of working with a domestic manufacturer. Your business can reap the rewards of lower overhead for product, world class customer service, and risk mitigation, all at the same time! These are only a few of the benefits of working APCT Global Management for your printed circuit boards. Call us today at (203) 284-1215 to learn more.