Offshore PCB HaywardIf you are researching offshore PCB for your Hayward business, you have probably encountered the trouble with offshore printed circuit boards.  While cheaper product can be made overseas, there are drawbacks to doing business half a world away. Without quality control, it is possible to waste time and money by ordering from a foreign manufacturer and receiving inferior, late, or worst of all, no product at all. When you rely on an offshore fabrication source, supply lines can go down and leave you stranded with no PCBs for your deadline. ACPT is your partner that can ensure quality product, on time, and the line is never down.

APCT is more than just a PCB manufacturer.

We produce high quality, prototype printed circuit boards domestically, but we also provide global, low cost solutions to our valued customers. When you order offshore PCB in Hayward, you can be assured of the same distinction and speed that people have come to recognize as synonymous with APCT. You won’t have to worry about inferior product because our experienced team will work with our suppliers in Northern China, Southern China, Japan and Taiwan, to make sure the PCB recipe transfer is seamless. Our offshore fabrication sites have been specifically chosen for their high-tech capacity, efficient use of time, and quality product.

In addition, APCT is a manufacturer, not just a broker of offshore printed circuit boards. If there is ever a problem that makes it impossible for your order to be completed overseas, we will finish at our domestic factories. There is no such thing as “line down,” because we are a brick and mortar manufacturer that can fulfill any shortages as needed. You can continue to rely on APCT and our offshore partners for quick turnaround times and excellent product. When you need offshore PCB for your Hayward business, turn to the leader in printed circuit boards. APCT can help source the great product you need, at a fantastic price. Get started by calling (408) 727-6442.