Offshore PCB Los GatosIf your Los Gatos business is in the tech-sector, chances are you’ve heard about offshore PCB fabrication and its immense cost-saving benefits. But having your printed circuit boards manufactured offshore carry a unique set of potential risks that you need to be ready for: an incomplete recipe transfer or use of poor construction materials that results in a sub-par product, supply chain disruptions that can cause partial completion of your order, and labyrinthine logistical needs that require a great deal of effort and attention.

APCT Is Here For You

However, you’ve got APCT at your back. With our PCB Program Management services, every aspect of the offshore printed circuit board manufacturing process will be managed by us, ensuring that you’ll get the same quality, stellar customer service, and amazing experience that APCT is known for throughout the industry.

Our global manufacturing partners in China, Taiwan, and Japan share in the ACPT values of producing high quality PCBs and providing our clients best-in-class customer service and support. They only use high quality construction materials and adhere to the same exacting standards that we do domestically, ensuring you’re only the getting the best product possible. With our integrated Valor Genesis System, recipe transfer from your Los Gatos business’s vetted and approved prototype to the offshore mass PCB production facilities is seamless, with a 100% accurate transfer, so you know exactly what you’re getting. There’s no need for late night logistical phone calls: you’ll speak with the same APCT representative and experience the best-in-class customer service you’ve come to expect from us. And in the ultimate risk mitigation, APCT’s state-of-the-art domestic facilities are prepared to step in in the unlikely event of a supply chain disruption that causes your order to ship incomplete, and with our lightning fast manufacturing speeds, you’ll get the rest of your order fast.

With APCT taking care of your Los Gatos business’s offshore PCB manufacturing, you’ll get all of the cost-saving advantages and none of the risk. Call (408) 727-6442, or use our online form to get in touch, and let’s see what we can do together.