Offshore PCB Morgan HillWhere can you get offshore PCB in Morgan Hill? Instead of looking across the ocean, look to Silicon Valley! APCT is a reliable and efficient domestic manufacturer that is proud to bring low cost PCB to our customers through PCB Global Management. We have years of experience in the printed circuit board industry and have found suppliers who share our commitment to customers, passion for high quality product, and focus on finding the right people for the job to ensure high standards. In conjunction with these overseas manufacturing partners, we bring the security of a domestic manufacturer with the cost advantages of offshore printed circuit boards.

The Experience You Want, The Products You Need

Anytime you order overseas product, there is a fear of hearing the supply line has been interrupted or halted. With APCT’s management, you can rely on timely delivery of your offshore PCB in Morgan Hill. That’s because if something should happen at our supplier’s factory, our domestic facilities are more than capable of finishing your order. As a manufacturer based in the United States, we can offer a risk mitigation that other outfits simply can’t. Get on-time delivery of your low cost PCB when you trust APCT.

In addition to risk mitigation, out talented team provides quality control at every step of the process. Our experienced DFM engineers are the first to review your recipe, before seamlessly transferring to one of our manufacturing partners in Northern China, Southern China, Taiwan, or Japan. When the product is complete, it is sent to our domestic facility for quality testing. Only then is the offshore PCB sent to your Morgan Hill business. Get overseas printed circuit boards from a company you can trust when you rely on us. APCT’s PCB Global Management Program brings high quality and low cost printed circuit boards to our customers. Call (203) 284-1215 to order yours.